Preparing and Organizing for Unexpected Guests

Keep a basket by the front door for each member in your household. Fill them with each person’s stuff: papers, electronics, random supplies, notes etc. After they are loaded up place them in the appropriate room, out of site from the guests, to unloaded and return back to the front door.

Have a space for household to do’s. Whether it’s a cork board, a central desk, a kitchen drawer, wherever you have the space. Use this area for incoming mail and other items entering the home that have an action associated with them: school permission slips, bills to pay etc. Stash these items in this area if they are spread out on the counter or coffee table.

Hooks by the door. After working with clients and even in my own home I find the most practical organizing solution is a few hooks by the front door. You can quickly clean up the floor by hanging coats, purses, scarfs, hats etc. Because hooks come in every shape, size and style, you can also personalize the look to fit your home’s look.

Finally, remember that your friends and family love YOU and don’t care about small piles of papers around your house. Smile and welcome them with open arms!

Check back next week for another organizing tip!

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