Preparing for the Unexpected

Perpetration is the key to most things. Honestly! There isn’t much that can get in your way if you are prepared and… Organized! I was SO sick this past week. Sicker than I have been in a long time. I had a busy week ahead and as luck would have it, I started to breakdown Sunday night.

Despite the sickly fog that was rolling into my head I had to prepare for my sickness. This is the same preparation I would use for a family emergency, an unexpected opportunity or anything that takes you out of your daily routine.

First, look at your schedule and determine what needs to be rescheduled and who needs to know about it. Contact everyone that needs to be in the loop about your absence. Email is usually ok, but phone calls and texts are good too.

Reschedule with a day or two buffer. I was certain I would only be sick for a day, maybe two. I was out for four days! As I prepared to be out I gave myself a five days (just incase) and boy did I need every bit of it. I picked back up without a glitch on current and rescheduled appointments on day five.

Once you have rescheduled put it out of your mind. If you need to check your email once a day that’s fine, but give yourself time to get better, focus on your family etc.

Make sure you immediately change appointments in your calendar so you don’t have to worry about sorting anything out after you’re back.

Being proactive, as soon as possible, is the best way to ensure you’ll have a smooth transition during an unexpected blip in your life.

Until next time.

Happy organizing!

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