Memorabilia Organization

Memorabilia: (Noun) Objects kept or collected because of their historical interest, especially those associated with memorable people or events.


Photos, souvenirs, letters, collections and anything else kept for its sentiment is memorabilia. To keep your memorabilia meaningful, it’s important to keep it organized.

If you are not able to store it properly, display it to enjoy it or find it when you would like to take it out and enjoy it, then it’s clutter. Memorabilia can quickly become clutter there is no a system in place to tame it. Whatever you are attached to, we want to help you enjoy it and honor it. Find out more about our how we can help you below.


Taking Care or Keepsakes

Technology has changed since the days of the VHS and mini cassette; the best way to preserve home movies is to transfer them to DVD or ideally, a digital storage device. This will not only preserve them, but also make it more convenient for viewing. We can help get those memories transferred and ready for a family movie night. Click here for a free consultation to get started.
Do you remember taking a picture without a digital screen? Do you remember getting a whole roll of film back with two decent pictures? Photo taking has advanced over the years and so should the way you store your photos. At minimum your photos should be stored in acid free containers to preserve the color and crispness of the picture. However, wouldn’t it be great to store them chronologically and take a walk down memory lane with the grandkids? Ensure your family photos are around for their grandchildren by having them scanned digitally and stored on a digital storage device. Memories are priceless and we would love to help you protect and preserve yours. Find out more about our process in this blog Sage wrote about a recent photo-digitizing project.
Collections and memorabilia can quickly become clutter in your life. Amid the clutter are probably keepsakes from lost love ones that spark wonderful memories or travel mementos that you had the best intention of using or displaying. Unfortunately, the piles tend to multiply if you are not diligent about sorting and editing them regularly. Mementos are meant to be enjoyed and cherished, if they are in large piles that induces anxiety when you look at it, you’re not enjoying your memorabilia or collection. Let us guide you to clutter free collections that bring you joy again. Click here for a free consultation to get started.
Tucked in plastic sheets gathering dust, traditional photo albums are being replaced by photo books. Photo books require less work compared to traditional albums, the glossy pages are often water resistant, they can be wonderful gift options, and they extend creative sizing and layout options, and are often less time consuming in their creation. Do you have a dream of putting together beautiful memory books for family, friends or even yourself? We are experts and we want to help you get started. Click here for a free consultation to get started.