Quick & Easy Fixes

This is what my message center looks like in my kitchen. 
If you remember from my first video, what’s working and what’s not working pt. 1, you will remember that it was a wall with a calendar, a chair with dog food on it and a trash can. All functional things but not necessarily where I had them.


First I did a bit of rearranging as a temporary solution to clean out the area to make room for my plants. The kitchen gets much better light than where they were in the living room. 


There is already a new leaf on one of the plants! Happy plants!


I then added a chalk board that had two slots for family pictures. Function and beautiful!


Then I decided it needed a cork board to hold little bits and pieces – coupons, reminders and other treasures. 
All the pieces for this little message center were currently in my house, but not being used to their best potential. With about fifteen minutes of work and a little imagination I have created a function, beautiful hub for my family to communicate. 

I would love to hear about the creative ways you have inserted little bits of organization in your home. Share in the comments below.

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Happy Organizing!