Quick Tip – Tackling Recipe Clippings


Not even I am immune to the recipe clippings piling up. I love flipping through the LCBO recipes or the latest issue of gourmet, but what I don’t love is the little pile of recipes my perusing produces.

A few years ago I decided if I was going to pull recipes from magazines I had to come up with an organized way to retrieve them during meal planning. It’s a super simple system that involves one 1” binder, 20-30 clear plastic sheet protectors and a set of dividers.

Organize your clippings by type – “Soups” “Salads” “Chicken” “Pasta” etc. Then get to stuffing the clippings into the page protectors.

With 15 – 20 minutes of work, you can create a custom recipe book, declutter and have a fighting chance to try the Chicken Parmesan recipe you saved from the New York Times last year.

Happy Organizing!