Realistic New Years Resolution

Here we are again at the beginning of a new year. 2012! Have you set a new years resolution? Are you hoping to lose 10 pounds by spring break or quit smoking this year? There seems to be one thing that is pretty consistent with new years resolutions and that is most people can’t keep to them.

So – how can you change the pattern this year? What can you do differently to make sure your resolution is held throughout 2012?

First, be realistic – if you set a goal that is unreachable you’re setting up yourself for failure.

Visualize your resolution. Create a vision board or write it down and stick it on your mirror. We are visual creatures – if we have a constant reminder about our resolution we are much more likely to keep it. Ever hear the saying, “If you visualize it you can achieve it” It’s true!

Check out these sites for more information on vision boarding:


Tell someone about your resolution. Become resolution partners and make sure you both stay on track. If you don’t know who to tell – Tell me, I’ll keep you on track!

Set benchmarks. It’s impossible to reach a goal if you don’t set steps to reach it. Take a few minutes to write down HOW you will reach your resolution and keep it alive for 12 months.

Good luck setting and keeping your resolution this year! I completely believe that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

Happy New Year… and as always Happy Organizing!

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