Remembering the Basics


The past few weeks have been hectic. I feel like I’ve been pulled in more directions than I thought possible and as a result I’ve been shaken from some routines – like my weekly organizing tips!

So today is all about the basics and remembering that every project, day or event has to start from the basics. Routines and systems are the foundation to an organized life and even a professional organizer needs reminding every once and a while!

When it comes to organizing here’s the system I follow each and every time: Sort, Edit and Reorganize.

That can be replicated in any room for any project. It has to start with a sort, you’ll have to edit some items from the space and from there you can reorganize it in a way that you can maintain.

If you’re overwhelmed or daunted by a project just go back to the basics and break it down – nothing is too big or too scary if you do it step by step.

Have a fabulous week and Happy Organizing!

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