Serenity in the Bedroom

There should be one purpose for the bedroom – sleep! I have seen and worked in many bedrooms that carry multiple purposes: the office, the laundry hub, TV watching or reading nook. Given the space you live in, it might not be realistic to move these spaces to a different area of the home, but you can corral the clutter and bring the serenity back to your bedroom.

If you do have multiple functions in your bedroom do you find that:

The laundry piles are so large on the bed you have to push it off every night?

The office area is overflowing to the point that you have papers on your night table, dresser and bed?

The TV is always on or you are collecting a small library in the bedroom?

Given the number of distractions we have in our bedroom there’s no wonder we have a hard time sleeping.

As with any organizing project, start with the sort. Be brutal with the edit, this is your space and if there are items in your room that don’t contribute to more sleep, get rid of them. Or find the proper home for them.

Here are a few Tips:

Use clear bins to sort like items – You can stack them and label them easily for at a glance identification and access

Use the “wasted” wall space – hooks are one of my favorite organizing tools. They work for everything and generally go on the wall, which tends to be wasted space

Label – especially if you have someone else help in the home – housekeeper, spouse, children – this will ensure everything makes it back to the right spot. Use pictures for children to help keep their space in order

Place a bin or basket by the door – if you happen to bring items into the bedroom that don’t belong, place them in the basket and redistribute them at the end of the day

Set aside 15 – 20 minutes – well before bedtime to organize and tidy before you come in to go to bed. It will keep you calm at night and help you feel refreshed in the morning.

The bedroom is your sanctuary so treat it as such. There is nothing more important than sleep and with a cluttered bedroom it makes it nearly impossible.

The pictures are a bit drastic today, but it does show that any space can be brought back to life with a good plan and solid execution.

Happy Organizing!

clutter1 clutter3