Set the Kids up for a Successful Summer


Summer is coming. Warmer weather is finally here and your children are soon going to be out of school with a lot of free time on their hands. This is a quick and easy guide for some practical planning and places to find great events, camps and activities in your area.

First, this is so important. Set up a central calendar. You can have a big paper calendar in a central location or a Google calendar, but make sure it’s accessible to everyone that needs to be aware of activities and events.

Consider important events over the summer that might conflict with activities you are signing your child up for. Don’t forget birthdays, family vacations, statutory holidays and anything else that will conflict.

Get the kid’s involved. Ask them what they would like to do. What are their friends doing? Would they like to learn a new skill, a new language or perfect their soccer skills? Sign them up in things that interest them and it will make everyone much happier.

One thing you might also consider as your children get older is goal setting. Giving them goals to accomplish over the summer with give them something to work toward and will give them an incredible sense of accomplishment when it is complete. Set age appropriate goals with them in any area. A few suggests I have would be: reading goals, I will read five chapter books over the summer; fitness goals, I will be able to run a 9 minute mile and do 100 pushups by the first day of school; personal goals, I will organize my closet to make room for the new school clothes I will get for back to school by August 1. Whatever the goal is, it’s never too early to teach your children the sweet satisfaction of hard work to accomplish goals.

Here are a few sites I have found with good resources for Toronto and general kid’s sites with amazing activities to stimulate creativity and play!

A great site for things to do, places to go and fun family activities in Toronto


The library has fabulous programs and events all summer long

Toronto Library

The YMCA is also a good option for activities to et your kids moving or involved in sports

YMCA Toronto

Creative Club Inc has week long lego camps all summer. Legoing all day for a week – what could be better?

Creative Camp Inc. 

I hope you and your children have a fabulous summer! Click Here to share some of your plans on our Facebook page.