Show your laundry who’s boss!

Does the word laundry send you into a cold sweat? Fear not! I am here today to equip you with the top five ways to show your laundry who’s boss!

  1. Laundry Daily – Stop thinking “laundry day” and start thinking of “laundry daily”. Taming the pile is the goal. Reality check, if you have multiple people in your home, never having laundry in the hamper is unrealistic, a mindset that will make you feel like a failure. If you can toss a load in when you come home from work and move it through the cycle, you’ll be in control of the pile, not the other way around.
  2. Enlist Help – Doing more than just your laundry? Enlist the help of family members to get it done. Little hands can fold or help your transfer wet clothes to the dryer. Add labels to drawers for children to easily put their clothing away. Not reading yet? Make them fun picture labels to guide them.
  3. Make it Fun – Couple laundry with a favorite podcast, audio book or tv show. You’ll look forward to it instead of dreading it.
  4. Skip a Wash –  Does it need a wash? Yes, some things are wear and wash – socks, underwear, t-shirts, you get the idea. Some are not. Ask yourself if it’s dirty before automatically throwing it into the wash.
  5. Follow Through – We are not trying to magically turn our dirty laundry pile into a clean laundry pile, we are trying to wash, dry, fold and put away our clothing. Each step is equally import and should be done in its entirety. I find the timer on my phone helpful to remind me when it’s time to switch a load.

Jerry Seinfield has a totally different perspective – and it’s infinitely funnier than mine.  Here’s your daily laugh