Simplify Grocery Shopping With a Digital List


I hated grocery shopping. It was a task I dreaded each time I got into the car and headed over to the store. Sometimes I had a list, sometimes I didn’t. Sometimes I had a bag or two in the back, but sometimes those didn’t make it to the store either. I would go any day I had time – never. So all in all. I would say my grocery shopping routine was more or less nonexistent.

The problem is, when I don’t have a good grocery shopping routine, I don’t have a great eating routine and when that happens I get grumpy, so this grocery shopping stuff is important.

When I thought about the experience I was able to narrow down the very very worst part for me – meal planning and creating a shopping list from that plan. One of my problems was that every time I went to the store, I was creating a new list on a scrap piece of paper then recycling the list even though a lot of the items I was purchasing were repeat items. I’m always buying eggs, yogurt, spinach etc. no need to write it over and over I needed a standard list. I created a checklist in Evernote. It’s easy, simple and updates on all of my devices. Click here to learn how to create your own checklist on Evernote.

I created a list from the items I buy every week, my staples and from the recipes I was cooking that week. I tried my new list at the store and loved it. As a bonus, I listed the items I was purchasing in the order I pick them up in the store. That way I am sure to get everything I need on my first pass through the store. Before creating my standard list I would often get to the frozen section only to turn around and walk all the way back to get something I forgot in produce – another more reason I dreaded the grocery store.

The next week before going to the store I looked at my list again. I put check marks next to the items on the list I didn’t need and added items to the list from recipes on my meal plan for that week. With my updated list I went to the store again and loved it… Well, ok, I enjoyed it and found I didn’t spend as much money on things I didn’t need.

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact on a situation. The simple habit of meal planning and creating a list based on that plan changed my perspective on the grocery store and my feelings around that weekly chore. I eat healthier and my household runs smoother because we all have what we need as we head in different directions for the day.

One final tip to help with your grocery shopping experience – remember the bags. It’s good for the environment and in Toronto it saves us cash too! I was terrible at remembering my bags so I first designated a few bags as “grocery store only” Once I unloaded the groceries at home I would leave the bags hanging on the front door handle. The next time I went to the car I would drop them in the trunk – problem solved!

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Happy Organizing!