Solutions for Your Mini-Artist

We’re making the final dash to the end of the school year and if you have collected your children’s art pieces through the year, I’m sure you are starting to notice an overflow. Art projects are treasures that you and your children should enjoy for as long as you’d like, but there is only so much space in your home and before long the treasures can turn into clutter if you don’t put a system in place.

Here are some clever ideas to wrangle the art pieces, creating functional spaces and pieces you can truly treasure and enjoy.

I love this idea! Do you have a scanner? Try scanning you children’s drawings, paintings, sketches or any other flat piece of work and create one piece with mini images of the work. Apply this to 3-D structures too. Take a picture from different angles of the flat piece to capture all the details and then create a piece of the different angles and frame them for you and your children to treasure.

A gallery in the home guarantees there will always be space for new pieces as they come into the home. Take an awkward wall or hallway space and hang a few rod with clips to hang art. They are on display and easy to rotate. Wondering what to do with the pieces when they come down. Consider the idea below for those treasures.
This idea is an oldie, but a goodie. Take a corkboard, cover it in fabric and create a cool gallery in the kitchen or your child’s room that is versatile, beautiful and easy for your children to add pieces too. When it’s full it’s time to consider what stays and what gets repurposed or stored.

Parents often over look grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends that might love a piece of art from your children. If they don’t receive them regularly they will be treasured all the more!

Lastly, think outside of the box. Hang your children’s art in unexpected places. Decorate the inside of their closet – or yours with pieces. What about the back of a door or hang frames to create a rotating gallery in the garage. Have a cool landscape watercolor from your son’s art class? Hang it in the garden shed.

Happy Organizing!

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