Stop Organizing


The title might have caught you off guards, “Stop Organizing!” What? Am I in the right place, what are you talking about? This is Beautifully Organized, I mean the word organize is in your title… Let me explain.

processWhen was the last time you thumbed through a magazine or perused Pinterest lusting over the gorgeous closets, the perfect pantries and the entryway that leave you guessing where they put their shoes? I am willing to guess it inspired you, thinking, I could have an entryway like that all I need to do is organize it. You are partly correct.

The organizing process has four main steps:
1. Sort
2. Edit
3. Organize
4. Maintain

You will notice there are two steps before getting to the fun part – organizing – putting the pieces back together in an organized and beautiful arrangement that you can then maintain and feel joy from.  However, if you skip the first two steps, sort and edit, you are just rearranging clutter, moving one piece from here to there and I am willing to bet creating a space that might look tidier, but is no more organized than what you started with and will not be a space that sparks joy or is easy to maintain. In essence you are wasting your time! Stop wasting your time.

Remember the organizing shows that brought in a team of people to makeover the space from top to bottom in a weekend? Remember how the show starts? The organizer is working with the homeowners one on one to make decisions about the loads of clutter they have in their homes. They go through the arduous and sometimes painful process of editing items down to what they use, what they need and what they love, love meaning they can honor it by putting it on display or somehow incorporating it into their living space, not shoving it in a box in the garage. Everything else in the home was put aside for a massive garage sale – fast forward 25 minutes to the big reveal and the homeowners are so taken with the new spaces they can hardly remember their previous home, weighed down with clutter and old feelings surrounding that clutter.

Organizing can be overwhelming. Give yourself the space and time necessary to complete a project. Set realistic expectations – an hour or even a half hour. See how you feel after that time. If you need to stop for the day and start again, don’t judge or beat yourself up. Put away what you are working on and start the next time. For more about embracing the organizing process check out this blog I wrote about “Enjoying the Organizing Process”.

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Happy Organizing!