Supercharge Your Year with 18 for 2018

I hate new year’s resolutions because, let’s be honest, those don’t last, they make us feel bad when we invariably break them, and they usually come from a negative place. I am a huge fan of self-improvement and growth, I am not a huge fan of telling myself I’m not good enough and need to change something about me because it’s January. Years ago I decided to create a New Years Resolution to have more fun. Each year I decide that is my resolution, to have more fun, because really, couldn’t we all use a little more fun?


Now that we have the new year’s resolution nonsense out of the way, let’s move on to more worthwhile and meaningful goals and actions for 2018. I have blogged several times about my love for the podcast Happier. For those of you unfamiliar, this is a weekly podcast with Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, and her sister Elizabeth Craft, a “TV writer and producer living in LA”. The podcast is all about how to make your life a little happier. They discuss happiness hacks, different actions large and small one can take to make life a little happier. On episode #147 they read a letter from a listener that describes the act of writing down 18 things she would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. They can be big or small, things you’ve had on the list forever and don’t seem to get done, whimsical things that simply make you happy. Click Here to listen to the whole episode.

I created a list for myself. Small actionable items that will help me keep myself in line and keeping my new year’s resolution to have more fun in 2018.

I would love to hear some of the things you have on your list. Leave a comment below with some of the highlights from your list!

Sage’s 18 for 2018

1. Ask why more

I have this terrible habit of saying, “Yeah” “Ok” “uh huh” when people are taking, glazing over the opportunity to really listen and say things instead like, “oh, why is that”, or, “That’s really interesting, how does that work” I love to learn and I know those around me have a lot to teach me if I care enough to ask questions when I don’t know.

2. Take my vitamins 

Because really, I bought them, now take them.

3. Spin class 

This is for my mental and my physical health. I feel so damn good when I move and sweat. A yoga teacher I love says, “in order to get out of your head you need to move your body”. I think of this at least once a day and invariably it works every time. I also have terrible knees and an injury this past year reminded me that I’m aging and need to stay on top of exercise even when I don’t feel like it or I’m too tired – no excuses!

4. Weekly update emails to family

I don’t live around my family, but keeping close to them is a priority. As life gets busy and we all get caught up in our own worlds, catching up sometimes goes by the wayside. This is actually a tip I learned from the Happier Podcast.

5. Monthly adventures with Jackson

Another idea from Gretchen and Elizabeth J I have two children with very different needs at the moment. Jackson is 9… almost 10!! He is my stepchild, but I have been his CC for 8 years and I have always treated him as my son, because, he is! Now that he has a baby brother, ensuring that he feels special and making space for our one-on-one time together is extremely important to me. This date keeps our time sacred and protected each month. We alternate months, taking turns choosing the activity so we both experience things we might not have otherwise. This month we went to Snakes and Lattes, seriously, so fun and it was his choice!

6. Monthly adventure with James 

Because we are even Stephen over here, and I love my quality time with both boys, James also gets his monthly outing with Mommy. This is a bit of a ploy though because he isn’t old enough to choose yet so really it’s taking him to fun places I want to go to, and that is just a win for everyone!

7. Monthly breakfast dates with Jeff

In case you missed #5 and #6 we have two kids at home. My husband and I are pretty good about carving out time to be together kid free, however I loved this idea of breakfast dates. During the week a breakfast date is easy to manage with the kids at their respective school and activities. Not to mention, who doesn’t love breakfast out? Pancakes, biscuits and gravy, waffles, oh my!

8. Read/listen to two books a month

I love to read. I have averaged one book a month for several years. I want to step it up this year and have 24 new books on my Pinterest list by the end of 2018. I renewed my love of audio books this year and am well on my way to finishing my first book of 2018 and we aren’t even through the first week of January!

9. Blog once a week

Here I am, already crushing this one! Now just 51 more to go.

10. Yoga daily

I rediscovered yoga this year. I found a place in it. I had always attended studio classes where the room is 8,000 degrees or I have to be there for an hour and a half.. Yoga is a practice and if you hate your practice it becomes like the violin in grade 4 and that didn’t end well, so I had to regroup. I found an amazing online yoga studio, I put yoga gear on my Christmas list and bam I am back in my practice every damn day. I started with 10 minutes and I have worked my way up to 30 minutes. It is a practice I can sustain and grow, as I feel ready.

11. Meditation daily

I’m a happier, calmer person when I meditate. Am I doing it right? Is anything happening? I don’t know. I don’t care. I feel better and that’s my goal. I found Headspace and that changed everything for me.

12. Take the city tour bus

This is the big red double decker bus that tours around most big cities through North American and Europe. I’ve lived in Toronto for eight years and never taken this bus. I want to and in the spirit of adding whimsy to my list; this felt like it fit that role.

13. Say yes – even if I have to leave the house

Truth, I hate to leave the house. My goal in 2018 is to say “yes” to more opportunities in all areas of my life, even if I have to put on something other than sweats and leave my house. I’m cringing as I write this. Back to meditation…

14. Start an investment

What does that even mean? I don’t know, but I want to find out. In the spirit of asking why and learning – it could be whimsical.

15. Take photography course 

I love taking pictures and I would really like to take this skill to the next level. I’ve thought about it for a long time and this is the year to do it.

16. Journal regularly

I have journaled since I was a little girl with the diary that had the big lock. It included the tedious narration of my day. My writing has evolved slightly, but the idea is the same. It is a way to vent, to relive good memories, and speculate on what’s ahead and a place to dream. It’s important. I fell out of the habit over the past year, but 2018 is going to bring it back.

17. Social media free Sunday 

Because I look at it all week and I think the real people in my life deserve my complete presence once a week. Sunday seemed like a good day.

18. Keep taxes up to date 

I loathe doing my taxes, but the truth is, it’s never as hard as I think it will be. I solemnly swear to practice what I preach when it comes to my taxes, keeping spreadsheets and scans up to date.