Time is a Precious Resource

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My time is a precious resource. With a family, a business and a small, but important social calendar it’s important I keep careful track of how I spend my hours. I make each moment count.

I establish my priorities. I consider my life purpose. I distinguish between what is urgent and what is important. I make space for my passions. I focus on the activities that give me a sense of fulfillment.

I create a realistic schedule. Managing stress is easier when I avoid squeezing too much into one day. I identify the tasks that are taking longer than I thought. I organize my errands so that I can pick up groceries and dry cleaning more efficiently. I identify areas that I can declutter my schedule. Delegating and outsourcing tasks that others can do just as
easily or better than I can is a necessary part of managing my time.

I minimize activities that are unrelated to my goals. Instead of automatically going to the mall on weekends, I shop only when I need something specific. I have also moved most of my shopping online. Taking advantage of free shipping and online only sales. I cut down on social media by removing the Facebook app from my phone.

With these shifts, something interesting happened, I discovered more leisure time. Clearing away the clutter, I have more resources to devote to the things that really matter. Once I know where my time is going, I can choose between cleaning my car and reading with my children. Two of my very favorite things to do – really!

I make positive changes. I overhaul my daily routines. I put my dreams into action.

Today, I consciously decide how to spend my time instead of letting the hours slip away. Measuring my time gives me greater control over my life and helps me to achieve more.

Check out this simple time tracker you can use to keep track of your own time.

Daily Time Tracker

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Why is my time important to me?
  2. What would I do if I had an extra hour each day?
  3. How does tracking my time enable me to be more productive?

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