Tips to De-Clutter Your Basement

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People are collectors. While this is often a great feature of mankind, allowing us to establish homes and make our lives more functional, on some other occasions it drives us to collect anything we see. If you take a good look around, you will see that the majority of modern homes are brimming with so many unnecessary things. And if a space is out if sight, we are going to fill it with all kind of clutter. That is why the basement is the most clutter-endangered area.

Put Collecting on Hold

We all like remembering good old times, happy childhood memories. However, that does not mean that you should keep all the video cassettes with the Super Bowls from the ’90s and the Time magazine editions from the ’80s in the basement. The same goes for all other sorts of collecting. Furthermore, if you have old clothes that nobody wears, stop saving them and simply throw it away. The moment you stop keeping things that you do not need, your home will become less cluttered and more tidy.


Organize a Garage Sale

One way to get rid of the old toasters and newspapers from your basement is throwing a garage sale. The word throwing successfully depicts the actual purpose of the occasion. Another great thing about de-cluttering your basement and any other space in your home is the fact that you can actually earn some money from it. All the things you buy cost you money, i.e. you have spent some precious time of your life buying them at different times. Now you will return some of those investments and be able to afford something new (please, don’t buy a new toaster).

Arrange Surrogate Shelter

Let’s face it: nobody who has been gathering items for centuries will give up on them so easily. Yes, they might sell a few items and even throw a couple of them away. However, the core of the clutter will remain here. If you live with such a gatherer, you have to think a different solution; you need something that will give them more space and make the basement functional again. Luckily, there is such a thing – a used shipping container. They come in different sizes and you could find one that will perfectly fit into your backyard and serve as an alternative place for storing goods removed from the basement.


Get rid of Damp

Once you have managed to peacefully or forcefully free the basement region and proclaim the free under-house territory, you need to organize a new life in it. First of all, you have to clean it from cobwebs and wipe the floor to remove any clutter remains. It might even be necessary to repaint the whole area make it mold- and water-proof, because damp adores basements and it will leave visible and health-threatening traces.

Give the Basement New Roles

When you are done with these basic works, you can start turning your basement into your entertainment hub, another living room or even a guest room. Those living in a warm climate could use it as a place for the afternoon nap. After the basement is de-cluttered, it can have dozens of practical functions. It can even become your personal gym or a table tennis hall, where you and your friends have great time together.

Removing all the unused items from your home will give it a new shine. And when you liberate such a large area, like the basement, the whole place will put on a fresh look, which will make living in it a much more comfortable experience.