Transition Back into School Mode


It’s coming, in two short weeks the kids will be back in school. My baby is starting Kindergarten, which in itself in enough to make me feel a little overwhelmed. So we are getting our house ready for the coming year.

Depending on your child’s age and abilities, consider getting them involved in the preparation. They will be thrilled to help you with school supply shopping, but also consider having them help by establishing systems and routines and areas at home for school work, supply storage and a drop zone for things going back and forth.

I have covered Back to School  before so I’ve included links below to posts filled with useful tips and tricks. For the rest of the month I will dive deeper into topics I’ve only scratched the surface on.

General Back to School Tips
Back to School Time 

I’ve also included two great posts to tuck away until your child’s artwork starts to come home, creative fun ways to cherish their treasures.
Organizing your Child’s Artwork 
Solutions for your Mini-Artist’s Treasures

Even if you don’t have children going Back to School, consider this a good time to reconnect with work after enjoying a laid back Summer. What can you apply to get your routines in check and your spaces and time organized?

Happy organizing!

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