Transition the Closet

It’s that time AGAIN. I feel like I just did this, but here we are switching the closet for cooler weather. It’s also a season of parties and travel so be smart and be organized and you are sure to enjoy everything that is coming up!

Taking the time to swap your clothing for the seasonal change will open up space and save you from digging through summer dresses to reach a sweater.

Tips and Tricks!

Give yourself time – set aside an hour or two to complete this project.

Tools on hand – have bags for donation, a bag for alterations and dry cleaning, a suitcase for item to go to consignment – they won’t go until the spring/summer season so keep them packed safe so they will be in top condition for consignment, garbage bag, storage bins to pack away warmer weather clothes.

Start with the sort – give everything a very careful once over. Make sure there are no holes or signs of wear. Did you wear it all season? Don’t hang onto things you don’t wear.

Edit out the items – divvy up the items where they belong, storage, consignment, donate, garbage.

Tip – Keep bounce sheets in your storage bins to keep everything smelling nice and it keeps the months away.

When you pack items back in the closet turn the hanger the wrong way – as you wear them turn them back and it will show you what you have worn and what you haven’t.

Tip – if you travel to warm destinations in the winter pack your suitcase as you pack your closet. This way the items you want are close at hand AND you don’t have to pack when the vacation comes up!

If you have items that are sentimental – take a picture of them and you can always have a memory – you can then pack it away if you’re not ready to part with it or donate it.

If you are inspired create a few outfits: a go to dinner outfit, a go to date night outfit and a few work looks. Take pictures and hang them close to the closet for reference. When you feel like you have nothing go to these.

Tip – Winter clothing take up more space than summer clothing so consider this when adding items to your wardrobe. Winter also tends to have more accessories and layering pieces – baskets and plastic bins can be great additions to keep things separated and organized.


If you want to explore the possibility of updating your closet so it meets your needs, let’s chat. I am transforming closets every day and would love to help with yours!

Click Here to look at my site for a list of places to donate and consign items you no longer wear or want.

Happy Organizing!

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