Unclutter Your Inbox with Unroll.me


I found an amazing tool for my email inbox and I have to share it with you! How many subscription/junk emails do you receive a day? I have three active emails address that I use for business and personal, between the three, I was receiving about 200 junk emails a day. 200!!! Every time I would open macmail on the computer it would flood with offers, ads, junk, junk, junk. It was a daunting task to delete them, much less go in and unsubscribe from each of them. In comes this amazing FREE service, unroll.me

I couldn’t describe it any better than the website does:

“Unsubscribe with one click. After you sign up (to unroll.me), see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want. Combine your favorite subscriptions into one email. After unsubscribing from what you don’t want, combine what you love into a beautiful digest called Rollup.” 

So, here is a little tutorial to get you started. First go to Unroll.me and click the big green button that says “Get Started”


You will enter your email address and it will then scan your email inbox for all subscription emails currently being sent to you. Then it will create a list that will shock you with the number of subscription emails!

You have three choices: unsubscribe, rollup or inbox.

“Unsubscribe” does as advertised, “rollup” will add all rollup subscription emails together and send them over once a day so you can quickly scan them, read what interests you and delete the rest with the click of one button.

Inbox tells unroll.me to leave your favorite subscriptions in your inbox so you get your joke of the day or favorite organizing tips delivered as they always have been.


You will occasionally get an email from unroll.me because it has found additional subscriptions junking up your your inbox. Here is one that came in mine today. It found 72 emails… 72! I rolled one up and unsubscribed from the other 71 in about 2 minutes.

Signup is easy and did I mention FREE, not free trial, just free.  You’re welcome!


Happy Organizing!