Why Should I Hire A Professional Organizer

Important questions to answer before you do carry on a relationship with an organizer are:

Why should I hire a professional organizer?

What are the benefits to me?

What do I plan to accomplish at the end of our sessions?

The first reason I give when asked is Focus. An organizer is going to come in and help you focus on the task at hand and hold you accountable to that time. Often a person will start a decluttering project and before you know it, they are in the kitchen or are taking a phone call, the project is never finished, and everything is pulled out of the cabinet. Now they are discouraged and likely not going to go back to the project that was started. Everything piles up and that’s when you get yourself in a situation.

The second reason would really be a Different Set of Eyes. Bringing someone in to your home that doesn’t know your home at all, isn’t set to the ways of how you’ve set it up, will really give you some new and possibly life changing pieces of advice that you can then put into use in your home.

The last reason would be Developing Systems. This is the biggest area that an organizer is going to help you with. They are going to take their expertise and help you create a system around the new organized space that you have.  Coming in and tidying is one thing, but really organizing and helping you establish a system you can carry forward when they leave the house is the real key to having success in your decluttering project and having a professional organizer come in to complete it.