Major life changes, even the good ones, can be scary. The unknown always is. We get into a routine and fall into our comfort zones. Many of us like to remain there; however, transition is an […]

Day 14 It Will Get Easier – Getting Used To ...

Hi! This is Sage with Beautifully Organized and I’m excited you’re here for another audio blog you can listen to anywhere, anytime, doing just about anything. I am coming to you with my very first audio […]

Day 12 – Beautifully Organized: Episode 1

You know that change can cause stress, even when something good has caused the shakeup. I’ve told you about the benefits of change and how it can make your life better. We’ve also touched upon ways […]

Day 10 Change Can Be Stressful – Find Time To ...

We’ve already established what you’ve probably known your whole life. It’s true that change is a fact of life. We can’t escape it. Sometimes we’re given a choice in whether to make a shift in our […]

Day 9 Big Changes Are New Beginnings – Get Excited

We’ve talked about breaking things down into attainable goals to help us handle the overwhelm that comes with change. Now I’d like to expand upon that and look at some ways we can use that concept […]

Day 8 Break It Down – From Challenge To Baby ...

Today we’re shifting gears a little. Yesterday, we focused on overcoming the overwhelm that life changes can bring. Often times, when we think about our lives changing, we automatically consider the negatives that come with that. […]

Day 7 Focus On The Positive – Finding The Good ...

Change doesn’t equal bad, but even good change can cause some upheaval and stress. We’ve talked about some ways to handle the fallout from our stressors and why it’s important to take action to overcome difficult […]

Day 5 It’s too Much to Keep in your Head ...

In yesterday’s post, we examined the concept of change and why we often find it so scary. One of the points I hit upon was that there are actually a number of benefits that can come […]

Day 4 What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

You can add one more thing to the list of certainties in life, Death, Taxes AND CHANGE. Things never stay the same, even for those who try so hard to make it the case. Whether it’s […]

Day 3 Why Change Is Scary

Challenges are a part of life. Big or small, you will encounter some difficulties and unexpectedly negative situations as you go through your day to day. Sometimes it’s a blip on the radar. Others times you […]

Day 2 You WILL Face Challenges – How You Deal ...

Your vacation plans were changed due to bad weather and you miss one day at that beautiful all-inclusive. You don’t get the job you were really hoping to get. Your father receives a devastating medical diagnosis. […]

Day 1 Get Ready to Embrace Challenges and Change

Congratulations you made it. With these tips your home can continue to be organized and decluttered.

Day 30 Finishing Up