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About six years ago I did a savvy gift-giving guide – presents your loved ones will enjoy and not add to their clutter. Six years is a long time – time for a fresh list. As […]

Clutter Free Gifts

Winter came early to Toronto. Winter means gear – lots of gear. The amount of gear you need to leave your home in the winter is staggering. It leaves a cluttered mess and the time it […]

Declutter Your Winter Gear

Important questions to answer before you do carry on a relationship with an organizer are: Why should I hire a professional organizer? What are the benefits to me? What do I plan to accomplish at the […]

Why Should I Hire A Professional Organizer

What if?  What if disaster struck and you weren’t at home with each of your family members or beloved pets? What would you do? Would you have a family emergency plan that automatically goes into place […]

Creating a Family Emergency Plan

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Here is a truth of life: if feels better to let go of something than it does to acquire something new. When you get something it’s new, interesting and exciting, for a brief moment in time. […]

How to Organize a Donation Drive

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I used to leave a pair of Spin shoes at a gym I frequented. The shelves were a sea of black heels. I took two little round smiley face stickers and popped them on the heel. […]

If you like it then put a sticker on it…

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Just last week I discovered an amazing organization, Not Just Tourists. I found them in the midst of a typical scenario, I have a box of unopened medical supplies from a client, the company doesn’t want them […]

Not Just Tourists : Giving Back

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April is the hardest month. It should be warm, it isn’t really warm and we are so stir crazy we just want to feel a little sunshine on our skin, is that too much to ask, […]

Things to Do – Spring in Toronto

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Does your organizing world consist of shoulda, coulda and one days? Then it’s time to think about hiring an organizer. Whether you have a closet that dumps on you every time you open the door, a […]

When to Hire a Professional Organizer

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2018 was to be the year of the bullet journaling for me. I watched several videos, so many videos, rabbit holes of videos, then picked up an inexpensive journal from and was ready to get […]

Bullet Journaling Using EVERNOTE